Sunday, May 2, 2010

Naresh Kadyan opinion on this issue of DOGA POLICE....

By Vikas Kahol in Chandigarh

AN Indian National Lok Dal ( INLD) MLA came out in support of the caste panchayats or khaps on Sunday.

This was at a mega caste panchayat meet at Pai near Kurukshetra where members assembled and gave “ elected representatives of the state” a month’s notice to support their campaign.

The members have been tirelessly protesting against same sub- caste or same gotra marriages for quite some time. However, it took little time to get a favourable response.

Rampal Majra, the INLD MLA, said he “ subscribed to the cause and supported it.” The maha- panchayat meeting was convened to discuss the legitimacy of the same gotra marriage and seek an amendment of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Majra, who represents the Kalayat assembly constituency, attended Sunday’s meeting and declared his support for the caste panchayats. He also called for an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act.

The MLA assured the gathering at Pai that he would ask the Congress government in the state to raise their demands before the Centre.

“ Politicians should respect the people’s sentiments and uphold the tradition,” Majra said. “ We will urge the ruling party to adopt a resolution against same gotra marriages and put them on the mat in the assembly if they fail to initiate such a move. We support the demands of the khap panchayats in the state,” he added.

The representatives of about 90 caste panchayats or the caste courts in Haryana also adopted a resolution during the meeting.

They asked the MPs to declare their support for the cause.

The members of the caste panchayats said they would bar state MPs from entering their villages if they fail to back them. The representatives also decided to assemble again in Kurukshetra on May 10 and protest against Naveen Jindal, the Congress MP from Haryana.

“ We will decide on our next course of action on May 10,” said Randhir Singh, president of Meham Chaubisi Khap.

Naresh Kadyan, convenor of Kadyan Khap International, said the community’s demand was “ reasonable and it was for the sake of restoring social norms”. Kadyan, who did not attend Sunday’s meeting, said: “ Why can’t we demand a change? It is our democratic right.”

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  1. What is being perceived as a tactical move to pacify the growing demand by khaps, Haryana Congress Rajya Sabha member Shadi Lal Batra has given a notice to move an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, prohibiting tsame-gotra and same-village marriages.

    Batra belongs to Rohtak and is a confidant of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. He gave the notice seeking permission to introduce the “Hindu Marriage Act (Amendment) Bill, 2010” to the Rajya Sabha secretariat yesterday.

    The notice said he should be given leave to introduce the Bill during the 220th session of the Rajya Sabha, which concluded today. Now the Bill would be taken up during the next session, if Batra is allowed by the House to do so. A copy of the Bill submitted to the Rajya Sabha secretariat proposes that the following should be inserted in Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act after sub-clause (5): “That the parties (to a marriage) are not sapindas of each other, belonging to the same gotra/parivara and residing in the same village.”

    In the “statement of objects and reasons” attached by Batra, a lawyer by profession, he says that “social fabric and mutual ties are so strong in rural areas that its violation is not swallowed. “Age-old customs and tradition is that the entire village is considered a unit and its young folk as brothers and sisters. his cultural commitment has gone a long way in ensuring dignity and safety of womanhood in day-to-day activities at their place of work and residence.

    “Vedic literature and the seers prohibited marriages in the same gotra or parivara. Further, custom and age-long tradition prohibited marriages in the same village and in the same gotra and sapindas of each other. “In the recent past some unscrupulous youths started violating the customs and values of society by nuptial ties, prohibited otherwise.

    This has caused a stir in society and a mass movement to condemn such illegal relationship has started. It is, therefore, high time that the Hindu Marriage Act be amended to specifically include barring marriages in the same gotra and parivara, and residing in the same village.” It is no secret that major political parties in the state, the Congress and the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), do not want to annoy the khaps for fear of losing Jat votes.

    The INLD put the ball in the Congress court when its president Om Prakash Chautala announced that his party would support the government if it brought an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act to prohibit same-gotra marriages.

    If the Congress failed to do so, his party would move the amendment on its own, he declared. The Congress leaders are reluctant to associate their party with any move that is certain to invite critricism by liberal sections of society. By making one of its MPs to move the amendment as a “private member’s Bill”, the party has avoided just that. The khaps have threatened to gherao the Kaithal residence of Congress MP Naveen Jindal on May 10 for his alleged failure to support their demand.